Through our nationwide network of engineers "diloseto" we have provided over the years counseling and certification to more than 5000 businesses / organizations and individuals under the current institutional and legislative framework.

At the same time we undertake specialized property management services, estimates, property combination for investment projects, etc. In particular:


Asset registry & Real Estate Digital Identity

The service we provide aims on supporting the owners during the mandatory digital registration process of the country’s public and private property. Our company has extensive experience in the first phase of this process, making the appropriate rearrangements and providing permanent solutions to issues of buildings without building permits. According to the new rules published by the Ministry of Environment, all the buildings in the country should have a digital ID within the next decade. The procedure includes digital registration of all property data from the building permit up to any rearrangements that took place.

  • Digital Registration of the entire building or separate property
  • Certificate of Occupancy /or transfer title of a building of property
  • Issuance of relevant authorizations (forestry service, archaeological service etc.) for new buildings
  • Digital documentation and issuing of building permits
  • Construction monitoring
  • Liaison with Land Registry, Finance Ministry



Property Development - Utilization

Property Development – Utilization services aim to provide all the information and guidance required for the implementation of investment projects. The service provides all the necessary information and guidelines which through a series of technical projects and studies leads to the optimum use of your funds in real estate development.

Therefore, before proceeding to real estate development, it is of great importance to be guided by a counselor who will provide integrated services, in order for you to receive mature decisions, minimizing any investment risk.

In particular we provided services for:

  • Sustainable Property Development
  • Estimated value and economic analysis
  • Studies, approvals, permits and construction supervision of the project

Specifically, Development - Utilization sector Specializes in:

  • The research of optimal siting of the project
  • The research
  • City Planning issues concerning the property (building terms, exceptions, criteria control)
  • The traffic issues concerning property (accessibility, direct or indirect traffic connection, junction studies etc)
  • Project environmental issues (environmental licensing, degree of harmful effect, environmental impact)
  • Studying possibility of connections with Public Utility networks
  • Value estimation of the real estate
  • Your complete briefing on the possible alternative ways of real estate development

Our company stands by the client consistently, seriously and responsibly, and can additionally provide:

  • Briefing of full project licensing procedures at all stages
  • Procedure timetables
  • Documentation from all relevant Offices so that you are covered for the purchase of real estate, avoiding any investment risks

Compatibility withcurrent legal framework

Corporate real estate needs to comply with the current legal framework in order to be properly managed and used. Critical decisions concerning the real estate may be delayed if not preceded by:

  • The collection of all the necessary documentation
  • The compliance with the building regulations
  • The Legal auditing
  • The Compliance with energy requirements and performance
  • The Compliance withenvironmental requirements
  • The implementation of conformity studies and certificates issuing
  • The issuing of electronic identity



Building’s energy upgrading studies & applications

In Master we are aware of the global trend of increasing energy consumption in the building sector. Thus, in order to find solutions to reduce the unnecessary energy consumption, we have established a professional team specialized in energy saving studies and bioclimatic design which provides market services such as:

  • Energy Saving, Energy Audits of existing buildings and energy saving studies in lighting, air conditioning and heating
  • Studies of Bioclimatic Design



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