IT Project Management

In the public and private sector we undertake the design and management of information system projects, ensuring data security, scalability of systems and compatibility with the users’ needs. Our methodological approach includes:

  • Analysis and demarcation of the business’ needs which require the development of the information system
  • Modeling of the information system, future scalability and interoperability needs
  • Architectural design of the system, the subsystems and their interfaces
  • Recording of the necessary infrastructure in order for the information system to be properly hosted and functioning
  • Drafts of technical requirements publication and implementation study
  • Development and verification of the information system
  • Pilot run, monitoring, control, feedback
  • Delivery of the system, acceptance tests, reporting system, users training  
  • Production function, support



Software as a Service

Customer Relationship Management

Everyday communication has radically changed since the emergence of the social media which provide to billions of users daily interaction. Nowadays, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, are the new trend in every day communication and, in conjunction with the continuous growth of the users’ trust in online purchases , they can act as effective channels for any form of online transaction.

In order for the social media to gain a business dynamic they should be used as tools for building and maintaining trusting relationships (CRM). Actions that lead to this result are daily monitoring, providing information, having interpersonal communication with all interested parties as well as the proper use of all the abilities that each network provides in order to increase corporate branding.

In Master having deep knowledge and experience in managing all the social networks, we undertake the development of your CRM with results that lead to:

  • Clientele database configuration
  • Grouping users and security gradings
  • Incoming management from any communication channel
  • Affiliation enhancing and creation of repeated sales/actions
  • Sales increase
  • Consolidating the corporate image, costumer relationship and regular communication


Asychronous e Learning Platform

The asynchronous e learning platform, is a modern tool that enables learners, through selected educational seminars to be educated from any place and at any time via a personal computer. With 15,000 registered users, 400 training courses and 500 new users monthly, we provide an integrated self-learning solution addressed among others to business employees who wish to develop their knowledge and expand their skills in modern educational programs, while it is 100% accessible to disabled people.

We provide the ability to obtain your own unique page format (, thus ensuring your business marketing to the fullest.


Sychronous e Learning Platform

Distance training is a flexible education method, that strengthens the autonomy of the learner as he can attend online courses in real time and communicate directly with both the trainers and the other trainees.

MASTER SA by combining the high quality educational services that traditionally provides and using modern technology in the field of distance learning has developed an electronic platform (iclass) through which trainees throughout Greece can watch the seminars live, using only a computer that has an Internet connection and headphones.

Customize the platform according to your needs and find solutions in:

  • The meetings your departments
  • Interviews Management
  • Continuous education of branches’ employees without the limitation of physical presence

Tailor Made Solutions

After analyzing the needs of your organization / company we plan and implement specialized applications that suit you the best and are driven by scalability, interoperability and ease of use.

We select the systems that meet your needs and support all your users' devices with the appropriate platform and infrastructure in the cloud. Tell us your needs and we will deliver the best results in:

  • Logistics – GIS
  • Telematics - monitoring facilities and resources
  • Mobile Applications
  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Resources Planning
  • Content Management System
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Distance Learning
  • Human Resources Recruiting 





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