The continued investment in Human Capital is the cornerstone of enterprise development. We work closely with our customers in order to implement demanding projects in Human Resources tailored to the specific needs of each organization and we provide value added services aiming in productivity and growth.


Project Based HR Outsourcing

The synthesis of the appropriate group of people consisted of specialized personnel within schedule and budget may be the key to the success of a project. Whether it's call center services, and data entry, or help desk and after sales we contribute to the development of the strategy and we undertake the staffing and management of HR outsourcing projects.

We monitor the quality of services and review the business’s needs in personnel constantly. Utilizing our experienced partner network, we achieve the optimal performance of the triptych Human Capital - Efficiency - Employment Cost and yet we protect the proper functioning of the business.

HR Evaluation, Talent Management- Appraisal, Succession

The need to reform the human capital to the constantly changing social and economic background, led us to the creation of a service which includes evaluation, needs detection and consulting services concerning the adaptability of human resources.

In conjunction with talent management we provide powerful tools to employees and businesses / organizations to face the challenges of our times.

Capability evaluation, personnel’s skills and values, knowledge management and talent pool increasing are just some of the tools that our experienced staff will provide to your company.

Public Organizations and Departments Evaluation
In the Public Sector the range of our services can be summarized in the protection and enhancement of the personnel’s performance making them capable to cope with all the future challenges.


Appraisal, Succession

In addition to human resources evaluation, which is a continuous need for enterprises and organizations in order to have full control and management over the human resources, we take under consideration the critical parameters which:

  • Follow the specified needs and demands of the administration based on the recorded knowledge-skills in order to achieve all the objectives
  • Specify the cost in terms of performance for critical decisions that include promotions, resignations, staff movements and the appropriate timing (Succession).

Human Resources Evaluation is an essential “tool” for an organization, in order to detect the talented personnel able enough to ensure result’ s optimization. Talent detection, skills promotion and proper utilization through a well-planned career path, provides to every employer added value, while it motivates other employees and keeps the company’s cost at a low level.  


Specialized Recruitment – Departments Recruitment

We are totally aware of the managerial difficulty in detecting, evaluating and choosing the proper personnel, thus we provide support in all the stages of the process aiming in time saving. Our cooperation will facilitate and expedite the staffing process .

We follow all the necessary procedures in order for you to integrate the qualified personnel who will enhance the dynamics of your business.

We coordinate all necessary steps to immediately find the suitable executive
We contribute to the distinction of the new strategic role
We undertake the management of ads
We manage corporate meetings
We register the results

In Master SA we apprehend the importance of evaluation and selection of personnel, appropriate to strengthen your business.

Therefore, following the modern trends and methods in stuff evaluation and selection, we ensure to our customers a selection of perfect candidates - skilled professionals who qualified with the specific requirements of every business and organization.

Payroll Management

We believe that employee remuneration is linked to the work quality which is beneficial to every corporation while inconsistencies in the payroll management causes performance reduction and credibility loss.

Compliance with tax and legal aspects of labor law, in conjunction with correct reporting, transforms the management of payroll in to a modern tool for any organization.

Tailor Made Solutions

In light of our experience in HR projects we design and implement ensemble, a project suitable for your organization / business always targeting in measurable and tangible results.





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