We emphasize on the promotion of your company identity through the use of new applications and the internet in measurable and effective ways. We undertake your personalized promotion in the web, as well as the optimization of your online branding, by developing integrated e-marketing strategy, corporate website designing (web design), creating and managing social networking accounts (social media). Our marketing experts make sure for the success of your branding, through dynamic practices and innovative techniques. We build trust relations with our customers and promote products or services with structured communication strategy based on direct and timely information.


Education / Staffing of e Marketing department

Besides the provision of Marketing Counselling as an external service, Master SA gives the opportunity each company to create its own internal Marketing department. This service t targets to both start-up enterprises and to enterprises that grow strongly and are in need of an internal Marketing department.

Master SA ‘s experts marketers check the potentials of your company and trains your personnel in order to create a marketing department governed by the basic strategic principles of Marketing which are:

  • Product Prortfolio Mix
  • Pricing Policy
  • Distribution Channel Strategy
  • Communication Plan & Media Strategy



Branding Awareness

Brand Management is a process that requires experience, a clear market knowledge, honesty and professionalism.

The objective of brand management is to set each displayed trademark as a competitive advantage in the market and to be effectively "imprinted" to the audience.

This is accomplished by highlighting the uniqueness of services / products provided in conjunction with the consumer’s needs and perceptions.

In Master driven from all the above, we create a management strategy closely linked to the philosophy, values and identity of each company.

Brand Management, among many others, includes:

  • Investigation, Design and Organization of the Communication Policy
  • Appropriate Domain Name Choice
  • Logo Design
  • Development and Promotion of the Corporate Identity



Building an Internet Business Image

The global trend of development and the promotion of corporate image online has grown rapidly over the last 10 years, creating the requirement for corporate management tailored to the new digital data. New technologies, specialized software, modern internet platforms and specialized programming languages are used extensively turning the digital corporate advertising and promotion to the modern need and requirement.

In Master we plan and implement integrated technology solutions based on the needs of the modern business in the light of innovation and digital flexibility.

Key element for a successful online business image is the integrated strategic planning of the company’s marketing policy.

The strategy required in order to achieve a successful marketing plan, is multidimensional and influenced by many factors both within the company and outside of it. There are specific structures and elements upon which it is based, but in either case the Marketing Plan of each company is different since it is based on the unique targets (financial and product) of each company.

In Master having thorough knowledge of both domestic and international market trends, we design and implement integrated promotion plans based on the modern reality.

Our aim is to fully understand your needs, and through a healthy cooperation, to achieve the main goals of a Marketing Plan which are:

  • Highlighting your competitive advantages
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Maximizing efficiency
  • Increasing company's profits

The actions adopted on order to achieve the goals above are:

  • Study of the company’s internal and external environment
  • Scrutiny and competition tracking
  • Identification of company’s competitive and passive points
  • Defining Goals (based on the results of the above actions)
  • Goal presentation in order to train all the involved personnel
  • Checking the available budget
  • Crisis Management Analysis
  • Presentations of implementation’s timetable
  • Monitor and Evaluate Results



Performance Marketing / Value For Money Advertising

Google AdWords

The use of the internet shows a massive increase in the last decade. It is a basic source of information, entertainment, search information, trade. In conclusion, it is vital for any modern company to have a strong web presence and online advertising. Advertising through Google is the new trend in online advertising and provides specialized targeting and it is an affordable solution.


Google Search Campaign

Your website appears on the top ranking positions of Google search results as an ad when someone is searching for a product of service similar to what you offer. In this way, you ensure that your ad will have the best and most targeted impact.

Google Display Campaign

Through the Google Display Network (GDN) your ad appears in the form of a web banner in sites with content of relevant interest to the services or products that your company provides. Besides web banner, you can display your website with plain text or video ad which can also be displayed at the youtube.com portal.

Benefits of Advertising on Google

  • Increased Web Traffic

Google is the largest Internet search engine in Greece and one of the largest in the world. More than 5 billion searches are made daily worldwide. A mighty power and source of potential clientele.

  • Targeted Approach

With AdWords, your ad is targeted. It appears only to those looking for products or services related to the ones of your business. In this way approaching a potential customer is more efficient and can easily lead to the desired results.

  • Controlled advertising cost

Through the Cost Per Click service provided, you only pay when someone chooses to "click" on your website’ s ad. Additionally you can set the budget and the duration of your advertisement according to your budget policy.

  • Measurable Value

You can see the effectiveness of your ad and modify it accordingly to achieve as much performance as possible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the methodology that is designed to increase your website’s traffic by improving the site’s ranking position at the results of various search engines. By designing your website according to SEO you increase the chances of your website to be chosen by the users and potential buyers.

It is a process closely linked to e-marketing, since the internet is the most competitive promotional market of our times.

Based on the requirements and the needs of your business, we design ensemble the best promotion strategy in order to achieve the best, more frequent and long lasting display of your website in the top ranking positions of any search engine’ s results.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The design of a full responsive website is essential for proper business online promotion. It should be structured in such a way that it leads the visitor to the desired action. To achieve that goal, we have to do more than just design it attractively.

Following specific methods (A / B Testing, Conversion Research & Analysis, Usability testing, Interface Design, User Experience Design) we create all the necessary conditions so that the visitor can finally perform the desired action (buy a product/service, registration to newsletter, personal data registration, etc.)




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