The activation range and accumulated specialized experience, has brought us to the top of certified training services, numbering over 7,000,000 man-hours of quality training either in our modern and certified structures, or through distance learning. Innovation in training, on the job training, productive operation services and Help Desk.

Our goal and vision is the access to employment for all and we can proudly demonstrate that we have done so by providing the adequate skills to more than 6,000 unemployed people who are current employees in just the last two years.



Evaluation of knowledge Level & Diagnosis of Educational Needs

Aiming to the successful business development, which requires constant upgrading and training of the company’ s human resources or/and any individual concerned, our specialized consultants, using modern methodological techniques and diagnostic tools, achieve a correct diagnosis of educational needs.

Through this procedure, training process becomes usable and comprehensive, corresponding to any educational need. Especially for employees, the service aims to develop their knowledge and skills and in order to strengthen their position in the job market and contribute to a more efficient use of the training that they have received.

Diagnosis of educational needs is implemented through a methodological combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques aiming to fulfill the expectations of the interested.

Basically it's a two-way process which aims at "reading" and updating the training needs of learners with strategic objective to redesign programs and educational process in order to meet the specific needs and expectations of learners.



On the job training

The modern - always growing and evolving - job market requires a training model based on the latest training practices and trends. Our services provide proper planning and coordination of the educational process by specialized consultants in cooperation with educational material that ensure the maximum performance of learners and meet the above requirements at 100%.

The educational programs are designed and developed in order for the learners to acquire general and specific knowledge, combining theory with practice. Theoretical training is accompanied by appropriate tools for understanding the complexity of teaching topics. Emphasizing on techniques of experiential learning and the application of teaching methods based on communication, training is implemented in classes with a strictly limited number of trainees. The designing of the teaching method and the production of the educational material are organized according to a designed based learning model.

The use of active and participatory educational techniques in modern adult education is a key element for effective learning.

Finally, Master provides all the necessary Certifications of the acquired knowledge to the learners in order to support their strategic choices.



Distance Learning

Asychronous e - learning platform

The asynchronous distance learning platform, is a modern tool that enables learners, through selected educational seminars, to train from any place and at any time via a PC. With 15,000 registered users, 400 training courses and 500 new users every month, we provide an integrated self-learning solution addressed among others to company employees who wish to develop their knowledge skills, while is 100% accessible.

Through the platform every company has the opportunity to create a unique business page (e.g,) ensuring corporative marketing strategy.

Sychronous e- learning / teleconference platform

Through the system of synchronous distance learning& teleconference-, which already counts more than 500,000 man-hours of training, covering employers' and workers needs by removing territorial boundaries and enabling the development of courses through virtual classroom, in real time.

It is a flexible tool, adaptable to the specific needs of each organization, while it serves the communication needs between staff located in different areas.

Thereby, fully interaction is ensured along with face to face communication simulation when required. (working groups, boards, meetings).



Educational content, knowledge Database & Electonic Library development

Through a specialized team of experienced consultants we identify and assess the training needs of the staff of enterprises, public institutions and organizations.

We design integrated training solutions with a focus on cognitive subjects based on specific needs.

We provide all modern digital tools (online tutorials, web seminars, cognitive databases etc.), for purposes of direct and fast access to information, integrated education and professional specialization.

We emphasize on the standardization of corporate knowledge and direct integration of new staff in-house working methods as well as on the rapid acquisition of new skills in current executives.





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