Providing innovative technology services to digitize and manage data is associated with the largest projects by priority at national level. An important factor to our success is the professional project management, which ensures customer’s satisfaction, temporal and technical punctuality in projects and their financial attainment.


Digitization Services

Based on our years of experience in digitizing data, innovative technologies, professional project management, as well as on our temporal and technical punctuality, we develop specialized software, designing and implementation of large scaled and highly standard import and digitization projects nationwide.

For the implementation of the projects we use advanced technological machinery (special scanners and specialized computer systems) as well as special software, enabling the process and finally the improvement of digitized data’s quality, ensuring the integrity of the physical file and providing high speeds.

  • Planning and Designing of the digitization project
  • Digitization project management
  • Scanning and Documentation documents - books - maps)
  • Quality control
  • Arrangement of prototype files
  • Preservation of the digital content

In thedatadigitizationfield, Master SAprovides:

  • Certified data confidentiality
  • High quality results
  • Punctuality and guaranteed implementation schedule
  • Cost estimate
  • Ability to choose the place where the project will be implemented
  • Advanced machinery and equipment
  • Specialized software
  • Experienced and highly qualified staff

Document Archiving and Retrieval

File storage is a costly process for a modern business. Furthermore several square meters of otherwise usable space will be occupied with piles of documents. In addition, if the documents are not archived with structure and methodology it will be time consuming to locate them.

For all the above, Master SA provides high quality services in order to save you time and money. Our services include:

  • Cataloguing and inventorying files
  • Transfer and Archive
  • Storage and Retrieval
  • Digitization and dispatch on demand
  • Physical document delivery upon request

Our service has a predetermined and guaranteed delivery time upon request and includes the storage of the physical files in specially designed areas for protection from natural disasters.

Document Management and Analytics

  • Custom applications that include all the needs of a company or organization in:
  • File Documentation
  • Divisions consolidation such as HR, accounting, sales, etc
  • Document Validity Certification
  • User’s signature Certification
  • Easy adding process of the new sign ups
  • Easy search, retrieval and distribution process
  • Workflows
  • Ensuring data confidentiality
  • Recording and Reporting
  • Data analytics, visualization and database mapping


Data Entry Services

Master undertakes the input and control of large amount of data by a specialized and highly trained data entry team. Data can be entered directly to the client’s system or a system installed by Master for this purpose. Supervision, quality and quantity control are performed by experienced company employees in cooperation with selected experienced external partners, in order for the projects to be delivered successfully on tight schedules.

Data entry service can be provided either as an autonomous project ( cases requiring digital database creation), or as an accompanying service of an integrated solution of document management. This service is run by Master’s personnel, using manual typing, either based on the image of the documents accompanied by a temporary equipment installation using OCR (optical character recognition) technology, or through specialized programs and data entry equipment.





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